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Build your back office team in Macedonia !

As the BPO industry continues to shift, Next Generation has operated under one simple principle: Build our company around our employees first, fostering a creative and productive work environment that enhances performance and drives results for our customers.
As a Macedonian-based company, we have access to an extensive pool of talents to provide the right intellectual capital your company needs

Why Macedonia



Sustainable business climate and lowest labour costs in EU will ensure companies to reduce operating costs up to 60%, increase their efficiency and profit margins, all while receiving premium quality services.

Skilled Manpower

Skilled Manpower

Educational institutions in Macedonia, produce competent graduates every year. Practical working experience in international companies, within a multicultural environment, gives you an access to world-class human capital.


Our location gives us the advantage to meet our clients in their offices or host them in our Headquarters. Take the advantage to fly, meet your team and come back home in one day.

“Went for Cost, Stayed for Quality.”
Why do big companies move their back offices to South East Europe?

Macedonia rank 10th best country in the world in Ease of doing business,
and 4th best country in Europe, right after
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • UK

The World Bank, Doing Business 2019 Report


Improved model for building your own teams

Initial consultation

We will meet, either virtually or in person to learn more about your goals and challenges you are experiencing. Our goal is to understand how we can add value to your organization without disrupting your internal working structure.

Tailored offer
We will leverage our extensive experience gained in different industries, and offer you a tailored made solution that best fits your organizational structure. You will benefit from our consultation service on your process flow, and help you to increase your efficiency.
Back office team
After our risk-free trial period, you can start focusing on your core activities, while a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals, work on your business and make sure you stay ahead of your competition.

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